Congregational Statement on Singleness and Marriage

In 2011, Abundant Life was planted with a vision to reach married couples with the gospel and to guide them into discipleship. As we set ourselves to this task, unmarried members began to ask questions about singleness, its place in the Kingdom and in the Church. In searching for answers, God made His heart known regarding singleness and marriage. This statement reflects our best efforts to understand God’s heart on this matter. It is our intention to allow this understanding to guide our hearts and actions as we minister to the whole body of Christ within the Abundant Life fellowship.

  • We recognize God as creator of everything, and in particular, humanity.
  • Humanity is created in the image of God, which is manifested in human ability to enter into an intimate relationship with our Creator.
  • All human relationships point to our relationship with our Creator.
  • An essential element of creation is that God established moral order to govern His creation.
  • The “good” of creation sets the ethical standard for humanity. Therefore, God’s moral standard is binding for all humanity.
  • To reject that moral standard is sin.
  • As part of the created order, God differentiated humanity as male and female.
  • Humanity is created to rule as stewards, over all of creation, maintaining the created order, thus establishing God’s Kingdom (His rule in and through humanity).
  • God assesses man’s aloneness as negative and meets it by His provision of human relationships.
  • Both singleness and marriage are rooted in God’s created order and are therefore defined by His moral standards.
  • Contemporary cultural models of singleness and marriage are diametrically opposite Biblical singleness and marriage.
  • Although all of humanity is called to live under God’s Kingdom rule, many have rejected His gracious invitation.
  • Believers have accepted God’s call into the Kingdom and are therefore called to live for the Kingdom.
  • Historically, the Christian Church has struggled to accept Biblical singleness and marriage as equal callings within God’s created order.
  • Biblical singleness and marriage are both equal callings from God that serve His Kingdom purpose.
  • Jesus is the perfect example of Biblical singleness (in His earthly ministry) and of marriage (as He loves the Church).
  • Both Biblical singleness and marriage are sacramental in that they point to the more profound reality of Christ as all sufficient Savior and Lord.

Therefore, we commit ourselves to living out these truths individually and collectively, reshaping our ministries to reflect these truths, serving single and married individuals in a way which honors Christ and His Kingdom and gives witness to our relationship with God the Father.