ALC Vision



Abundant Life Church (ALC) functions according to kingdom principles.  These principles represent the visible manifestation and application of the “comprehensive rule of God over every area of life.”  Within His kingdom, God has provided, through Christ, all that is needed to meet the deepest needs of humanity (2 Peter 1:2-4).

We believe that there are four distinct realms through which His rule operates and His supply is experienced – the individual, the family, the church, and society.

At ALC, we teach Kingdom principles, so members learn to live under the authority and provision of the Kingdom in the four realms of life.  As a community of believers, we seek to live as witnesses of the abundant life, and to visibly model God’s Kingdom on earth, as it is in heaven.


Vision Statement


To build men, women and children who are whole, complete and lacking in nothing, through Christ.




To disciple the members of Abundant Life Church so that we are equipped to live as witnesses to individuals, families and our community from a kingdom perspective.  Our discipleship will be measured by the quality of our fellowship with Jesus, obedience to Jesus, ministry for Jesus, and witness of Jesus.


Mission Statement


To match the needs of broken humanity to the abundant supply of God in Christ Jesus.


The Methods


In order to fulfill our vision and to accomplish our mission, we will focus on these six methods:



Our worship will reflect that we are a congregation who loves God, has faith in Jesus as the Christ, and desires to be sanctified by His Holy Spirit.  We will, through praise, magnify the name of God and offer sacrifices unto Him as part of our worship.  We will provide opportunities for the saved and unsaved to publically acknowledge the Lordship of Christ.



Our fellowship will reflect the unity which Jesus, our Lord, prayed for (John 17).  We will share with each other in mutual respect and love.  While we will fellowship as a congregation, we will encourage and provide both age and gender appropriate opportunities for believers to share.



Our stewardship will reflect that God is the creator and sustainer of all that we have.  We will fulfill our created purpose to have dominion over His creation.  We will use our material resources to glorify God and fund kingdom ministry.  We will freely give of those resources entrusted to us to the glory of God.



Our mission work to the lost will serve as an opportunity to represent our Christ and His love.  We will teach and be living examples of those who live in God’s kingdom. We will welcome the gifts and talents of every member to join in the work.  We will focus on our divine call and join God in His work.  Our mission work will be systematic and follow the lead of the Holy Spirit as He guides our evangelism efforts.



Our evangelism efforts will focus on declaring the gospel to the lost in our families and communities.  We will live in and boldly declare the freedom of God’s kingdom. Our ministry will work interdependently with the other ministries of the congregation, especially missions.  Evangelism will be a church wide focus and supported with all of our resources, including human and fiscal.



Our edification (education) ministry will serve as the foundation to all that we do as a congregation.  We will study, learn and teach the word of God in order to provide a basis for Christian worship, fellowship, stewardship, missions and evangelism.  We will encourage lifelong learning and excellence in scholarship.


We will seek to become and make disciples who are whole, complete and lacking nothing; men and women who have matured into the image of Jesus and are working to serve Him.  Therefore, we will emphasize discipleship in the four realms of life - the individual, the family, the congregation, and the community.